Selasa, 28 Maret 2017

Opening Weekend Features Intriguing Match Ups To Start The 2017 MLB Season

The beginning of a new baseball season is needed each anticipation is added after the controversial presidential elections and a month-long winter months, Major League Baseball schedule maker has provided fans with some interesting match-ups in the series opener slate. This game including a battle between two old rivals to be broadcast on national television.

Although they will have an important game and not one of the match-up will be the first history as the series opener last year. For the first time the two clubs met in the World Series previously faced Opening Day in 2016, when the New York Mets play the Kansas City Royals at Kaufman Stadium.

The team that won the World Series last October, Chicago Cubs, did not have to open the 2017 season against the American League champion Cleveland Indians. North Siders, however, began to play their bitter rivals, the Cardinals.
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St. Louis Cubs battle on the first Sunday of the season, night games broadcast on ESPN. The game between the two top teams in the NL Central division will become more interesting in that the free agent outfielder Dexter Fowler left Chicago during the winter to be the leadoff hitter for the Cardinals.

Another exciting season opener has two teams of the National League West division, the Giants and Diamondbacks. The first game of the series hole Cy Young Award winner, as the left-hander Madison Bumgarner took the mound for San Francisco while right-hander Zack gets the start for Arizona Greineke.

Over in the American League, the most interesting appetizer is Baltimore. Orioles face the Blue Jays, who got rid of them in the eleventh inning Wild Card match ended without Baltimore manager Buck Schowalter take advantage of the All-Star closer Zach Britton.

Toronto then proceed to the next round only to be eliminated in five games in the championship series by the Indians, which itself has an interesting series to open the 2017 Pennant winners Cleveland contrary to the Rangers, a team that boasted the best record in the junior circuit last year.

One series between the league is on the slate for the first weekend in April, as the Pirates host last season's AL East champion Boston. It marked the second time in history that the Red Sox made a visit to Pittsburgh, unique stat if we assume the existence of a second long storied organization.