Selasa, 09 Februari 2016

Mike Lewis - President of FastballBSF

Where to begin...

My whole life I have loved my Dad's ideas.  From Sport-A-Rific to Dunka-Dude I always knew life at home was going to be exciting!  And then one day in 2003 I remember talking to him about his latest invention, a game he called "Fastball".  I thought, "what a simple concept, this idea can't be new" and listened to how it blended the best aspects of both Baseball and Softball into a new game.  Well, I decided to give the game a try and helped organize a local league in Castle Rock, CO with Scott Smeeton's help, the Recreation Supervisor for the town.  I remember the local news coming out to our demonstration game and the local newspaper.  I remember how much fun I had playing baseball again while still raising our 4 beautiful daughters with my wife, and still juggling a full-time career and church responsibilities.

At the end of the 2008 season I remember Jonathan Jardine telling me he wanted to work together to make Fastball a national amateur sport.  I called my Dad and he immediately agreed I should be the new President and Jonathan the Co-President.  We spent the rest of that year trying to get organized.  2009 was spent restructing the game so it could become a national sport, and then 2010 was spent partnering with ASA and MSBL to help bring the game to a national audience!  One of the changes we made was to call the game FastballBSF, which simply is abbreviated for "Baseball on a Softball Field", so we could trademark the name of the game and copyright the rules.  I am so excited because we now have the foundation built of a really great game, and can't wait to build it across the country with an annual World Series in 2012!

But I'll be honest; the biggest reason I am involved in FastballBSF is to work with my Dad on one of his ideas!  The last few years has been a dream come true for me.  And that's what I want FastballBSF to be all about - helping people fulfill their dreams playing and being around this game!

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