Senin, 05 September 2016

Fastball league recruiting Mission Viejo players

Mission Viejo male and female residents ages 14 years and over are invited to sign up for FastballBSF (baseball on a softball field), in a new league being established in the City.
Fastball Commissioner Barry Herrscher said right now teams are being formed from San Diego to San Bernardino to take part in this exciting baseball game that is modified to be played on a softball field. It is said to take less time, and improve baseball skills.
The game features overhand pitching with the pitcher only allowed to throw fastballs and no breaking pitches – except for in the elite division. The game stresses safety by using a special “Reduced Injury Factor” baseball and wood bats that give the game an authentic baseball feel. The sport has been specialized to meet the interests of an array of participants by age, gender and ability level.
For more information, contact Herrscher at or call 949-813-4465. Information is also available at

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